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When to apply for Oxford University 2023

When to apply for Oxford University 2023

Oxford University applications for its 2023-24 academic year close on Monday, October 16, 2023 – this date is earlier than most other UK universities, so planning your application early can save time and effort!

Why has Oxford set its application deadline so early?

The reasons behind Oxford’s early application deadline may include two factors.

When should you begin working on your Oxford application?

Be proactive about starting work on your Oxford application early, giving yourself ample time for research into courses and programs Oxford has available, writing solid personal statements, and compiling all required supporting documents.

If your course or program requires taking an admissions test, make sure that you begin preparations early. Oxford admissions exams typically occur between October and November, so give yourself plenty of time for study and practice before test day arrives.

What steps are involved in the Oxford application process?

The Oxford application process comprises three steps.

Additional advice for applying to Oxford

Applying to Oxford as an International Student

As an international student who wishes to apply to Oxford, additional steps must be taken when using. First and foremost is checking on visa requirements – specifically, student visa requirements in the UK, if applicable – which might change depending on where your country of citizenship resides.

Applying to Oxford as an international student

Are You an International Student Considering Oxford? Before making your application to Oxford University, make sure that you check visa requirements for the UK. A student visa will be necessary to study at Oxford – additional details about its requirements can be found by visiting the UK Government Website.

Here are a few additional tips for applying to Oxford as an international student:

Here are a few additional tips for applying to Oxford University in 2023:



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