When to apply for Oxford University 2023

Oxford University applications for its 2023-24 academic year close on Monday, October 16, 2023 – this date is earlier than most other UK universities, so planning your application early can save time and effort!

Why has Oxford set its application deadline so early?

The reasons behind Oxford’s early application deadline may include two factors.

  • First, Oxford is a highly competitive university with an intensive admissions process; admissions tutors require ample time to review all applications to ensure that places are only offered to top candidates.
  • Oxford offers courses and programs not available elsewhere, often with limited spaces available; therefore, Oxford needs to begin making admission decisions early to fill all available slots.

When should you begin working on your Oxford application?

Be proactive about starting work on your Oxford application early, giving yourself ample time for research into courses and programs Oxford has available, writing solid personal statements, and compiling all required supporting documents.

If your course or program requires taking an admissions test, make sure that you begin preparations early. Oxford admissions exams typically occur between October and November, so give yourself plenty of time for study and practice before test day arrives.

What steps are involved in the Oxford application process?

The Oxford application process comprises three steps.

  • Decide Which Course or Program You Would Like to Enroll In. Assuming you know which subject courses or programs interest you at Oxford, your first step should be selecting your ideal courses or programs from the list on their website.
  • Once you’ve selected your course or program, research its entry requirements. Each course or program carries unique entry requirements, so you must review them individually for whatever interests you.
  • Register with UCAS. To apply to Oxford, registration with UCAS will be necessary.
  • Complete a UCAS Application Form. Here, you will submit personal and academic qualifications and any additional pertinent data to apply for UCAS.
  • Write Your Statement. Your statement provides Oxford with an opportunity to learn why you want to study at their university and why you would make an ideal match for any course or program they are applying to.
  • Submit Your UCAS App. Once you’ve submitted the UCAS form and written your statement, please submit it to Oxford. Here are some tips on applying to Oxford.

Additional advice for applying to Oxford

  • Get feedback on your statement. Ask teachers, parents, or friends to read your statement and offer feedback.
  • Practice for Your Admissions Test. When taking an admissions test for courses or programs requiring one, practice as early as possible – you’ll find practice materials on Oxford’s website and elsewhere.
  • Attend an Oxford open day. Open days provide the ideal way to gain more information about this university’s various courses and programs available to its members.
  • Talk with current Oxford students. If you know any current Oxford students, talk to them about their experiences studying there and gain invaluable insights into Oxford life and study there. They can give valuable information regarding Oxford lifestyle and university study environments.

Applying to Oxford as an International Student

As an international student who wishes to apply to Oxford, additional steps must be taken when using. First and foremost is checking on visa requirements – specifically, student visa requirements in the UK, if applicable – which might change depending on where your country of citizenship resides.

Applying to Oxford as an international student

Are You an International Student Considering Oxford? Before making your application to Oxford University, make sure that you check visa requirements for the UK. A student visa will be necessary to study at Oxford – additional details about its requirements can be found by visiting the UK Government Website.

  • Second, make sure that you meet Oxford’s English language requirements. As these can differ depending on which course or program is being applied for, thoroughly research each application’s particular English requirements and follow up for more details from the Oxford website.
  • Finalize Your Oxford Application Process Judetean Oxford’s application process can be highly competitive for international students. Each year, Oxford receives many applications from these prospective candidates; only a portion is successful, but with strong academic qualifications and an eye-catching personal statement, chances are good you may gain acceptance to Oxford.

Here are a few additional tips for applying to Oxford as an international student:

  • Start planning early to ensure a successful application to Oxford – giving yourself plenty of time to research courses and programs available, craft effective personal statements, and collect all supporting documents required by Oxford.
  • Learn from your teachers, parents, or friends regarding your statement. Have them review it and offer insight.
  • Practice for Your Admissions Test. When applying to courses and programs requiring admissions tests, prepare by practicing for them early and finding practice materials like the Oxford website and external resources.
  • Attend an Open Day. Oxford offers open days throughout the year as an excellent way of familiarizing oneself with its courses and programs, which Oxford is home to. Available Days provide a fantastic opportunity for newcomers and alumni alike.
  • Ask current Oxford students. If you know any current Oxford students, speak to them about their experiences at Oxford and what it’s like studying there. Their insights could provide invaluable information about this renowned institution’s Oxford lifestyle and studies.
  • Applying to Oxford is both challenging and rewarding; its reputation makes an Oxford degree all the more sought after by future employers. International students considering Oxford should start planning their application early and follow all applicable tips above when submitting it.

Here are a few additional tips for applying to Oxford University in 2023:

  • Make it specific. Oxford admissions tutors want to understand why you want to attend Oxford and why the course or program you are applying to appeals to you, so your statement needs to show why. Be specific with how this particular institution speaks to your heart as an applicant – explain what aspects of its programs or courses specifically attract your interest and what features attract or entice you most about the particular application that is most appealing.
  • Be honest about your chances of admission. Oxford is a highly competitive university; only a minority of applications are accepted. Be realistic in your estimations of acceptance; make plans should you not receive one.
  • Make sure that you meet Oxford’s English language requirements for international students. Before applying, ensure you meet any English requirements specific to the course or program you wish to enroll in.
  • Apply early for your student visa – delays in processing can extend over weeks or months! Apply as early as possible to prevent delays in getting one for UK study.
  • Be Prepared for Culture Shock. Moving to a foreign country may be quite a culture shock; be mindful of its unique customs and traditions before entering Oxford University! I hope these tips have proved beneficial, and I wish you success with your application to Oxford.


  • Submitting an Oxford application can be both daunting and rewarding; Oxford is renowned globally, so holding one will open many doors for your career in the future.
  • If you want to apply to Oxford, start planning early. Be specific in your statement, be realistic about admission chances, and don’t be intimidated to ask for help when needed.
  • As an international student, meet English language requirements, apply early for your student visa, and be prepared for culture shock.
  • I wish you every success as you pursue Oxford University! I wish you every happiness on this exciting adventure.


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