What is the criteria for UET admission 2023

UET (University of Engineering and Technology), located in Lahore, Pakistan is a publicly owned research institution offering postgraduate and undergraduate engineering programs. Recognized for excellence among engineering schools nationwide.

UET Admission Criteria in 2023 can be summarized as follows:

  • Candidates must pass an exam known as the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC), or equivalent tests that exceed or meet 60% minimum requirement and achieve at least 60 marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematical Sciences subjects areas.
  • Entrance Exam (UET-EET): Candidates seeking entrance into the UET Engineering Entrance Test must take part in a competitive entrance examination held each July as part of this admissions program. This annual test serves to establish which competent individuals may be evaluated as admission candidates and may determine eligibility.

The UET-EET System comprises two elements.

  • Section A This section includes multiple choice tests related to Physics, Chemistry and Math concepts.
  • Section B In Section B there will be essays and questions related to Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics concepts. mes Application Process

Steps required for UET admission can be seen below:

  • Candidates must fill out an online application form, pay an application fee and present various documents as evidence that they meet eligibility for UET-EET examination. They should then attend this test session on one particular date.
  • Candidates will be shortlisted based on both UET-EET scores and merit. Shortlisted applicants will then be invited for an interview; once here they will be considered both for admission based on how well they perform during an interview and on merit alone.

Admission Quota-based Admissions

  • Open Merit students receive 60% of available places; 20% is reserved for Punjab Province residents while an Additional Provinces Quota of 10% seats will also be allocated across Pakistan provinces.
  • UET implements an Admission Quota system in its admission process; this means a specific number of seats are allotted based on applicant types. Here’s how quotas work to enable admission:
  • Special Seats 10 percent of seating is allocated specifically to special groups such as athletes and their offspring; children of martyrs; students with disabilities as well as students enrolled in postgraduate programmes. This quota may change over time.

Admission into postgraduate programs at UET is determined based on an applicant’s merits which is measured against certain criteria:

  • GPA in undergraduate degree: GPA in an applicant’s undergraduate degree is often the key indicator of quality. Admission Test Individuals applying to certain postgraduate programmes may need to pass an admissions test as part of their application.
  • Interviews: Shortlisted applicants may be invited for interviews. Acceptance of Foreign Students for Admission.

Students from other nations are welcome to submit applications for admission into UET undergraduate and postgraduate courses, provided they provide documents in addition to those needed as normal:

Equivalency Certificate The Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC), Pakistan issues equivalentity certificates that are necessary for students from overseas who have successfully completed secondary school education from an international board.

Students residing outside of Canada must present an official English test demonstrating proficiency such as TOEFL or IELTS before being considered for UET admission in 2023: Here are the key dates you need to keep in mind for UET Admission 2023:

Application Launch Date and Deadline Date is: May 20, 2023 and June 2023 for UET Admission Examiner (UET-EET). When offers of Admission have been extended by August, it must be taken within 45 days or it will become ineligible to sit the exam and admission offers will not be made until later that month or August. Here’s How You Can Prepare to be an UET Admissions Examiner: UET Admission Examiner Training

Here are a few key pointers on how you can prepare yourself for UET admission:

  • Prepare the fundamentals. Starting early with UET-EET preparation will increase success. Craft a study program by creating and adhering closely to an academic plan or schedule. Focus on your studies while making sure to have fun while attending classes for HSSC classes.
  • Examine UET-EET past papers. There are various UET-EET papers available online and at libraries; you can practice using these past papers in order to familiarize yourself with its structure as well as types of questions being posed on test day.
  • Do not be shy to seek advice and assistance from teachers and peers when you encounter difficulty with an idea, whether that means seeking guidance from them directly or through one or more peers. If something seems impossible for you, do not hesitate to seek assistance from either group if necessary.


UET can be an extremely competitive school; however, acceptance into it may still be achievable if you demonstrate outstanding grades with an interest for engineering. By following the suggestions outlined above, your odds will increase of making UET.


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