Habib University Pakistan’s Best Undergraduate Experience

An outstanding higher education experience is defined by its undergraduate curriculum’s high standard of quality, but Pakistan’s academic system remains riddled with incoherence and lack of coherence, along with having inaccessible high-quality universities for higher studies.

Habib University was created as Pakistan’s first communitarian-owned Liberal Arts and Sciences institution to address these problems by offering students with exceptional undergraduate experiences in Pakistan. From offering top intellectual experiences, to offering quality higher education programs and helping the next generation transition into university life – Habib is dedicated to shaping tomorrow.

An Unrivaled Intellectual Experience

Habib University provides an enriching, academic experience comparable to some of the leading universities worldwide. Boasting six inter-disciplinary undergraduate degrees and thirteen minors spread between two schools — Habib’s School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (AHSS) and Dhanani School of Science and Engineering (DSSE), as well as its ground-breaking Habib Liberal Core Curriculum with courses covering human sciences concepts like social, natural sciences etc. – it stands as proof of that distinction!

These educational offerings at Habib University were developed with critical thinking as their goal, producing people who are mindful leaders and innovative innovators of the 21st century. Habib University’s educational philosophy that prioritizes studying the challenges we currently face has inspired leading global institutions to form numerous peer-to-peer collaborations between them and Habib University.

Our Student Assistance system is among the world’s most generous.

Habib University is committed to combatting barriers of access and affordability when it comes to top-quality education, using sustainable tuition models so all its students have equal access to accessing high quality instruction no matter their economic standing.

Habib University provides its donors with remarkable assistance by offering one of Pakistan’s most extensive financial aid and scholarship programs ever seen before: the Scholarship and Financial Aid (SAFA) program fulfills students who apply to join, providing individual aid based on qualifications for admission into its classes.

Habib University provides its students with financial aid and scholarship programs; thus far they have received over 85%. Overall they have disbursed approximately 30 Million (PKR 4.25 Billion). Their most prominent program is Habib University Talent Outreach Promotion Assistance Program (HU TOPS). This provides fully funded (100 percent) scholarship opportunities to gifted Pakistani examination board examination boards students.

Transition to University Life Assistance

Students transitioning into university can face numerous difficulties during this critical transitional phase; among these is Habib University’s First Year Experience program (FYE). By offering solutions and logistical help for student issues as well as encouraging active citizenship at Habib, FYE provides solutions while aiding active citizenship development as well as discussions of how best to enhance students’ educational experience at university.

The Summer Language Arts Summer Arts (SLASH), Learning Engagement Programs as well as LEAP will work towards helping newcomers to university more quickly, offering opportunities to build university level abilities such as active listening, critical thinking and effective communication while developing essential skills needed in Science Engineering Humanities degree programs.

Ensuring Student Success

With today’s rapidly shifting career landscape, ensuring student success requires careful thought when making career choices and positively affecting society. Habib University provides outstanding learning experiences but has also designed two unique career education courses: CCP (Career Curation Program) and Graduate School Curation Program (GSCP), respectively. CCP offers careers information workshops as well as skill building classes designed to develop practical abilities while helping to plan one’s path into their chosen professions.

Habib University provides numerous events designed specifically to connect job-seekers with employment opportunities, from career fairs and networking functions featuring top firms across Pakistan to early employment opportunities such as career fairs. Habib graduates can be found working at more than 200 firms throughout Pakistan or attending over 80 universities worldwide – plus participating in its Graduate School Curation Program (GSCP), which serves to minimize any uncertainty in finding, funding, and receiving research funding opportunities.

Habib University counselors have assisted its graduates in receiving esteemed awards such as Fulbright, Erasmus Mundus and Commonwealth scholarships as well as Graduate Teaching Assistantships and University-based scholarships.

Join Habib University today, and embark on your path toward achievement – join a collective of innovative thinkers, and take advantage of endless possibilities!

Now is the time to submit an application and be considered for admission at Habib University – one of Pakistan’s premier undergraduate education providers!


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