COMSATS Islamabad Admission 2024 Last Date            

COMSATS Islamabad Admission 2024 provides many possibilities to those looking to further their education with various programs available from this renowned institute. Our University currently accepts applications from prospective undergraduate (BS, BCS, and BBA), graduate (MS, MCS and MBA degrees), and doctoral (Ph.D) degree students. The University’s official site offers applicants all they need for admissions; offering the easiest, simplest process. Applications close for admissions on January 2024.

COMSATS Islamabad Admission 2024 Last Date & Fee Structure


So that you do not miss this chance, it is imperative that you stay apprised of the closing deadline for applying to Comsats University Islamabad Admission 2024. Application submission dates can make or break your chances at admission; be sure to regularly visit the official site to stay up-to-date and informed of updates regarding admission procedures or important announcements about them.

Comsats University Islamabad Fall Admission Schedule 2024

Before setting out on your path to enrollment, it is crucial that you are well informed of all available information related to admissions procedure. This may include understanding online registration fees for fall semester, fee structures for entrance tests and merit lists as well as scholarships offered and faculty profiles among many others – these components must all be understood thoroughly to make informed choices and gain a firm grasp of admission requirements. When using available resources and data as tools to guide decisions you’ll gain greater clarity into admission requirements as you make more educated choices and build your knowledge base more quickly!

COMSATS Admissions Download Application Form

Admissions testing at COMSATS University of Islamabad involves passing an admissions exam for both undergraduates and graduates/PhD courses is mandatory, while tests for graduate/PhD course applications serve to evaluate applicants. COMSATS University takes into consideration merit among qualified applicants when reviewing admission applications in order to guarantee fairness and transparency during this admissions process.

Online AdmissionsEntry Test ResultsMerit List

COMSATS Admission 2024 Spring & Fall

A merit list plays a pivotal role in admissions processes and allows schools to select students based on prior exam results and performance on entry tests for admissions purposes. Under such an system, universities are able to recognize students with exceptional academic ability who meet high institutional standards while at the same time selecting those demonstrating exceptional scholastic capability and achievement.

COMSATS Admission Eligibility Criteria 2024

COMSATS University Islamabad is part of COMSATS (Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South), an international group dedicated to closing the divide between developing nations and developed ones by employing science and technology effectively. Their primary goals include disseminating knowledge via their affiliated institutions in order to contribute towards sustainable development efforts.

Islamabad Campus Admission

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Vehari Campus Admission

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Abbottabad Campus Admission

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Lahore Campus Admission

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Wah Cant. Campus Admission

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Attock Campus Admission

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Sahiwal Campus Admission

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COMSATS Islamabad Admissions 2024 Last Date

At its founding conference held between Thursday and Friday October 1994 in Islamabad, Pakistan, COMSATS was revealed. Over 300 representatives from 36 nations including 22 ministers from across Asia; officials from diplomatic corps; representatives of international organizations’ like UNESCO, UNIDO, UNEP as well as World Bank all took part. Subsequently it was decided to establish its permanent offices and headquarters there with Head of Pakistan being appointed the initial Chairperson.

COMSATS Islamabad Admission 2024

COMSATS University Islamabad takes great pride in demonstrating their dedication to student education by offering engaging learning experiences online educational programs, phone support and lectures. Their highly respected institution hosts many students who wish to pursue higher learning here; applicants with provisional admission status can even continue studying until receiving necessary results confirm acceptance into COMSATS University Islamabad’s programs.

Comsats University Islamabad Fee Structure 2024

As part of an easier application process, it’s crucial that you check COMSATS’ official site often in order to stay informed with admission details for fall 2024 admissions. By carefully following their guidelines provided on the official site and filling out an admissions form online you can be certain you have taken your first steps towards joining the university.

Degree ProgramsFee Structure
Admission FeeRs. 22,000/-
Registration FeeRs. 5,500/-
BBA (Hons)Rs. 109,500/- per semester
MBARs. 90,500/- per semester
BSCS (Hons) Computer ScienceRs. 109,500/- per semester
MS ProgramsRs. 90,500/- per semester
MPhilRs. 58,750/- per semester
PhDRs. 64,900/- per semester
BS Other programs Rs. 94,500/- per semester

Comsats University Islamabad Entry Test Date 2024

One of the key considerations for prospective students is cost structure that’s detailed enough so they can plan according to their financial requirements and make informed decisions regarding their education pursuits. Transparent fees allow prospective students to make educated choices regarding their pursuits.

How to check the entry test result

  • Go to the official web
  • Enter your name and roll no
  • Click on the search button

Comsats University Islamabad Merit List 2024

COMSATS University Islamabad also provides scholarships for deserving students to help further their education while strengthening academic performance. Scholarship information can be found within their Admissions Calendar.

How to download the merit list

  • Visit the official website
  • Click on the merit list
  • Select your program
  • Click download button

Download Merit List

COMSATS Undergraduate Programs
Bachelor of PhysicsBachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Electronics EngineeringBachelor of Electrical Computer Engineering
Bachelor of EconomicsBachelor of Electrical Telecommunication Engineering
Bachelor of PsychologyBachelor of Biosciences
Bachelor of MathematicsAssociate degree in Education
Bachelor of BioinformaticsBachelor of Business Studies
Bachelor of Computer ScienceBS Computer Science (BSCS)
Bachelor of Software EngineeringBS Software Engineering
Bachelor of Accounting & FinanceBS Business Administration
BS EconomicsBS Design
BS EconomicsBS Architecture
BS Media communication
COMSATS masters programs
MA EnglishMS Health Informatics
MBA ExecutiveMS Computer Science
MCS Computer ScienceMS Molecular Virology
MSc MathematicsMS Molecular Genetics
MBA Public AdministrationMS Energy Management
MS Banking & FinanceMS Information Security
MS Project ManagementMS English Linguistics
MS PhysicsMS English Literature
MS EconomicsMS Software Engineering
MS BiosciencesMS Electrical Engineering
MS MathematicsMS Computer Engineering
MS BioinformaticsMS Management Science
MBA Master of Business AdministrationMS Remote Sensing & GIS
MS International RelationsMS Microbiology & Immunology
MS NanotechnologyMS Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
MS Mechatronics EngineeringMS Renewable Energy Engineering
COMSATS Ph.D. programs
PhD PhysicsPhD Computer Engineering
PhD BiosciencePh.D. Management Science
PhD MeteorologyPh.D. Microbiology & Immunology
PhD MathematicsPh.D. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Ph.D. Computer SciencePhD Electrical Engineering
PhD Molecular Genetics
COMSATS Entry Test Preparation
GAT Entry Test PreparationNAT Entry Test Preparation

Apply for Admission

Follow this step-by-step procedure for admissions at COMSATS University:

  1. Start the application process off right by visiting COMSATS University’s official website and navigating directly to its admissions section for undergraduate students. Here you will be provided with all of the essential resources needed for completion.
  2. Find Your Program and Campus: Spend some time looking over each campus and course offered through COMSATS University and consider how well these meet your academic and career objectives as well as eligibility criteria associated with each one before making your choice. With all this research at hand, make an educated choice according to your own interests and aims!
  3. Be Acquainted with Eligibility Criteria Understand and comply with all eligibility requirements set by your chosen school and program, such as prerequisites or minimum grade requirements that need to be satisfied for admissions consideration. Also take the time to familiarize yourself with academic prerequisites necessary for acceptance if applicable as this could impact whether your application can be accepted.
  4. Fill Out an Online Application Form Fill out an online application form on the site by providing all required fields with current and accurate details about yourself, academic record and contact info – in addition to any additional documents or details you would like us to collect from you.
  5. Upload Your Documents Be sure to collect all documents outlined in your application guidelines; these usually include academic transcripts, identification papers (such as CNIC) and photos of recent passport. Verify these have been properly scanned and stored using appropriate file formats before uploading into an online portal application portal.
  6. Application fees should be submitted in cash; alternatively you may use one of COMSATS University’s secure payment platforms available online such as credit or debit cards to complete this payment transaction safely. Please follow their website directions for safe completion of transactions.
  7. Review and Submit Your Application: Before making your submission, double-check that all information provided by you is accurate and complete. Ensure all required documents have been uploaded successfully before proceeding to submit online. Once all is in order, click ‘submit application online’
  8. Once your application has been submitted, be sure to retain a copy of its confirmation or receipt for future reference as proof that was sent in. It could prove invaluable should any queries arise later on about your submission or its processing.

Taken carefully and with diligence, these steps should help you complete the application procedure to become an undergraduate at COMSATS University of Islamabad. Now the wait begins; stay tuned for communication from them regarding progress of your application as well as any further requirements or steps needed from you to follow through with.


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